Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm Gonna Bite Him in the Butt

Well Mom & Dad are back home. I'm a bit angry cause Dad promised they would be home on Sunday in time to take me to the dog park. Well he lied and they didn't get home till after dark. So no dog park at all this weekend. Some lame excuse about a 4 hour delay due to wind. Too bad they didn't have Ao4's Weather Controller, they could have made it not windy in NJ and gotten home in time to take me to the dog park. I'm pretty sure that I missed a Leaf Tornado.

I did have fun with my Cousin Riley. My Aunt Allison takes very good care of us when she comes to visit. She even helped me with my blog on Saturday. Mom & Dad enjoyed their trip to Memphis. They didn't get to see The King, but they did have a good time at the wedding and they had a great time seeing all their friends from college. Dad is complaining about being tired and sick. I'm pretty sure that it is due to staying up too late and drinking too many Adult Beverages. Regardless of how angry I am, it is good to have my Mommy & Daddy home to take care of me.

And now I will explain the title of today's blog, "I'm Gonna Bite Him in the Butt". So Mom & Dad get home on Sunday. Monday morning I'm getting a little excited cause it is starting to get light out and Mom & Dad are still sleeping, so I think maybe they took the day off to stay home with me and make up for Abandoning me. Eventually the dreaded alarm clock goes off and Dad gets up. He takes The Doofus and I for our morning walk. Lately it has been pretty dark out (Dad has to bring along a flashlight to pick up our poops) but this morning it was sort of light out. So we went about our business and Mom & Dad left for work. As the day progressed it started getting dark out and Dad wasn't home yet. By the time he got home it was pretty dark and he needed his flashlight for our walk. I just figured that he was a bit late getting home and so we couldn't go to the dog park. Well the same thing happened today. Now I'm just angry. I asked Mom & Dad what the deal is. They explained this stoopid thing called Daylight Savings. They said that between this and the fact that the days are getting shorter due to it being winter, we cannot go to the dog park during the week. Now as you can imagine, I am outraged by this. I lover winter cause it is cold and we get snow but this is no good. What is a girl to do? I need to run and play. This just isn't fair. Who's stoopid idea was this Daylight Savings nonsense? When I find out, "I'm gonna bite him in the butt". Stoopid humans.

Well I promised in one of my first blogs, here is my most Evilest Pictures. I thought it would be appropriate for Howloween. Pretty scary, huh.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

While the parents are away...

...the doggies will play! Harooo! You better believe it! So Mom and Dad touched down in the land of the delta blues yesterday afternoon, and it's been fun and mayhem ever since. Cousin Riley and Aunt Allison got here last night just in time for the doggie house party (sorry we didn't have time to send out invitations or you all would have been invited), which was pretty crazy. Even Lares was swinging from the chandelier!

Okay, so I exaggerate. But we dogs ARE having a good time, and we safely outnumber the humans, which is ALWAYS a wonderful thing. No dog park (we seem to be having a bit of a Nor'easter today), but we've gone on a couple good walks. The best things -- as I might have mentioned in a previous blog -- are the huge piles of leaves that are lining our street. Lares, Riley and I have plowed through every one of them, carefully marking our paths as we go. Riley almost got peed on at one point by Lar, but Auntie Allison's been on the lookout for that and quickly yanked him out of the way. Too bad!

Well, we're off on our afternoon walk before it starts to rain again. Hope you're all having a great weekend -- I'll touch back again soon!

Big licks,

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hey, Althea here, I just realized that I have blogged since Monday. You all must really be missing my words of wisdom and fun stories. If not just lie to me and tell me that you do.

So my Mom & Dad are abandoning me again this weekend. They are off to the land of Elvis, Memphis Tennessee. Actually they are not going to see Elvis (he isn't alive any more). They are going to the wedding of one of their bestest friends from college. They are leaving tomorrow and will not be back till Sunday evening. My Mom wants to go to see Graceland, the home of Elvis. Dad isn't too excited. Even though Dad has sideburns that rival The King's, he is not a fan. Mom says she isn't a big fan but she figures if they are there, they should check it out.

So while Mom & Dad are away, I get to hang with my Cousin Riley. You might remember that I mentioned him last time my parents went away for The Weekend. In case you've forgotten him, here is a picture of us playing during one of his visits to our house. He's lots of fun. Although I do get a bit angry when he messes with my toys. I like having him around cause we can play and have fun. Oddly Lares and the cats don't seem to enjoy his visits. Lares is just a big whiner and doesn't like to have any fun so he gets annoyed with Riley and I have fun in the house. The cats, Spencer and Delilah, pretty much stay away from Riley. I told Riley that they are cool but he is a little too curious about them and they don't know him well so they get a bit scared.

Well it looks like even though Mom & Dad are abandoning me, I'll still have some fun. I'll probably be too busy trying to stretch out Riley's face this weekend to blog so you probably will not here from me for a few days. So have a good weekend.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall and Squirrels

I sure do love the fall. In our neighborhood all the people put there leaves in big piles along the curb. I like to jump in them when we are on our walks. Lares like to pee in them. So if you know any little humans, don't let them play in the piles of leaves at the curb cause Lares may have peed on them. Actually Lares likes to pee on everything. When I first came to my furever home, Mom & Dad took us to the dog park. I was a bit scared so I stayed near Lares. Big mistake. The dumby lifted his leg and peed on my head. He has peed on our cousin Riley numerous times.

Last week at the dog park it was very windy. At one point the wind came really strong and picked up all the leaves on the ground and blew them around like a tornado. It was really cool. I tried to catch some but they were moving too fast. The doofus got all scare and started whining.

You know what I like most about fall? It means that winter and snow are not far off.

Now onto squirrels. There are a lot of them out and about lately. Dad says it is cause they are gathering up nuts for the winter. I like to try to chase them but Dad never lets me off my leash. He always says that I wouldn't be able to catch them anyway. One day I'll show him.

This morning on our walk, Dad was daydreaming about something (or was he regular dreaming since he wasn't really awake yet?). He almost didn't notice that I found a squirrel pancake on the side of the road. It was all flattened and smelled delicious, almost as good as that dead dear from a few weeks ago. But alas Dad woke up and pulled me away. I'll have to try again tomorrow as I'm sure he will have forgotten by then.

Unfortunately no pics today. Dad filled up the monthly limit on our flickr account.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trip to the Dog Park

You've probably read mentions of "going to the dog park" on my blog. So I thought I would let you see what a trip to the dog park is like. Unfortunately Lares and I don't have a nice fenced in backyard like some of you lucky dogs. I'd be willing to give up stuffed toys for life if I could have the Ao4's Backyard. So we live for our trips to the Dog Park. Lares and I typically tell Dad when we are ready to go. This usually includes lots of howling and woooing. Sometimes I even have to wake Dad up from his nap so that we can go. Once he realizes that it is time to go, he gets our water and bowl (dog parking can be thirsty work) and puts his shoes on. During this time, Lares and I continually tell him to hurry up. Finally he is ready and hooks up our leashes and we head out to the car. Dad keeps the back seat folded down so we have lots of room in the back. Once in the car we head out.

Here's me looking at Mom taking my pic.

And a pic of me making sure Dad knows where he is going.

Here's me smiling because I'm so happy to be going to the Dog Park.

And here's the floppy eared doofus, he may look excited now but when he gets to the park, he'll just mope around as usual. IMG_1794

So once we're at the park, that's when the fun begins. Usually we go and do our business first, you know get that stuff out of the way. Sometimes it is fun to do it in the leaves so Dad has a hard time finding it, hehe. After we done with that, I'm off for some fun. It really depends on if any of my buddies are at the park. If not I typically run around like crazy by myself till someone shows up. Today I was lucky and my best friend, Sabrina showed up. Boy did we have a fun time wrestling. Dad tried to get some pics but we were moving around too much. Here's a couple of the better ones.

Eventually Mom gets cold and Lares starts whining about being hungry and we have to go home. So back in the car (with much less enthusiasm) and drive back home. Once home all I have to keep myself entertained is beating up the floppy eared doofus.

Hope you enjoyed this small look into my Trip to the Dog Park.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Bob and Other Thoughts

Well I think that Storm of the Ao4 put it best in regards to Bob's family: "What a family of maroons". My Mom & Dad just don't understand why people bring dogs into their lives then pay little to no attention to them. Fortunately for Bob he is fed regularly and has some shelter when it rains. It is just sad that they pay no attention to him. As Roxie, Sammy & Andy stated, dogs are pack animals and therefore need to be with their "pack" whether their pack consists of dogs or humans. Unfortunately unless there is physical abuse or neglect, I don't think any organization will take him away from the family.

Alright, enough about that sad stuff for now. As I mentioned in my last post I had a number of other things to talk about but never got around to them. So here are a few quick items followed by a picture of me kicking Lares' butt.

  1. Funny joke - if you haven't already check out the great Howloween joke on my friend and lead pirate, Maverick's Blog. It's good fun, swabby.
  2. As you may or may not know, I think that Zim is the cutest boy husky on any side of the dog park. Check out his amazing story of finding his furever home. He was even skinnier than I was when I came to live with my parents. I never did weigh in on the question of whether Zim looks more like a Fennec Fox or Coyote. I think he is way cuter than both.
  3. I know just how Dakota feels about "going back to school". When I was adopted a year and a half ago, my Mommy was going to school. She was always very busy. She is pretty much done with her school, but now she is doing the teaching and is just as busy. M&M summed it up pretty good in today's post: Work Sucks. I wish my parents didn't have to work. I keep telling Dad he should look for a new job where he can bring us to work with him.
  4. Human babies - anyone got one of these at home? My parents don't but want to one day and I don't know how I feel about it. I have met a couple of these little humans and they seem ok but I don't know if I want them staying at my house and taking attention away from me.

Well that's it for now. While I've been writing this it has stopped rain and the sun is sort of out. So I think it is time for the dog park. Oh, boy it should be nice and muddy. Dad better remember a towel.

And last but not least, as promised, me kicking Lares' butt.




Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stoopid Humans

My whole family is very angry right now. Well the feline siblings really don't care but me, Lares, Mom & Dad are really PO'd. Across the street from our house lives an all white Siberian Husky with his "family" (you'll see why I put the word family in quotes). Well I've never mentioned Bob (we will not use his real name to protect the innocent) before because we don't really get along with him very well. To be more specific Lares doesn't get along with him. Dad says it has something to do with them both being older males. Every time they get close to each other, they try to mount each other and get all growlly and stuff. Stoopid boys, always with the macho, "I'm the alpha dog" bulls&@t. I bet the my friend Zim (the cutest boy husky on any side of the dog park) doesn't find it necessary to be all macho and stuff. He so handsome, he knows that he doesn't need to do all that stoopid stuff. I really wish that I was in his backyard for a play date.

Sorry I got off topic there for a minute. So we don't really hang out with Bob and Mom & Dad aren't really friendly with Bob's parents (they had their reasons before this episode). So this weekend Dad saw Bob walking in the street (fortunately for once he was on a leash) and thought that it looked like Bob had been shaved. Well Dad wasn't 100% sure but today it was confirmed. Mom (yes Mom came to the park, for once), Dad, Lares and I were getting in the car to go to the dog park and got a good look at Bob since he is always tied up outside. Sure enough, except for his head, legs and tail, Bob had been shaved. Now I think we all know that Shaving or Trimming a Siberian Husky is not a good idea. I think we can all see why people might think that shaving a husky in the summer would be a good idea. But who in their right mind would think of doing such a thing with winter quickly approaching. I mean really, it is getting cooler out which us huskies love but we love it because we were born for the cold weather, with double coats to keep us warm even in the coldest weather. So how could a human be so stoopid as to shave their husky. Mom & Dad think it is because they don't want to deal with him shedding. Well than they shouldn't have gotten a husky, stoopids. And besides they never let him in the house anyway. This is what I meant by putting the word family in quotes. Bob's family doesn't really care about him. They leave him tied up outside all the time and don't really pay any attention to him.

I know this maybe hard to believe but not all humans that bring dogs and cats into their homes really think about what they are doing and end up not really caring for them. Fortunately we all live in good homes with humans that care for us, heck they let us use their computers for blogging. Poor Bob across the street doesn't even get to go in the house.

Well this post was originally titled "Stoopid Humans and Other Thoughts" but it seems that my thoughts on stoopid humans (with a brief tangent about Zim) have taken longer than expected so I will have to get to the other thoughts some other time.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Husky Blogger's Ring

Hey Everyhusky,

Hopefully you have checked out Raisa's Blog from Friday. She gives some info about how we can post pictures next to our links on the Husky Blogger's Ring. Amber of the Army of Four posted a comment asking how to do this. Hopefully Raisa will not mind but I thought I would save her the trouble. So here are some quick instructions:

  • Go to: Ring Surf Login
  • In the section Titled: Ring Member, put in the following:
  • Ring ID: raisahusky (hopefully this isn't top secret info)
  • Site ID: 53 (hopefully this isn't top secret info)
  • Password: you should have this in an e-mail from Raisa.
  • Click the browse button next to the image path box. This will allow you to select the picture you want off of your hard drive. Make sure the picture is smaller than 250 px width and 100 px height. If not use some type of photo editing software to resize it before continueing.
  • Click the "Yes" button.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Go to Husky Blogger's Ring and see your handy work.

  • Hope this works for you.


Monday, October 16, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name

Hey everybody, for once I am at a loss for words. My friend Zim of the Army of Four (and the cutest boy husky on any side of the dog park) left a comment on my blog saying that I had to read the Ao4 Digest today. So immediately clicked on over to check out his post. At first I wasn't sure what was so important that I see but then there it was. Zim's mom told him that there were three Altheas in his backyard. Can you believe it, three Altheas. Now I knew I wasn't in Kansas so I was very curious as to what was going on. Much to my surprise, in addition to being named after a Grateful Dead song call, Althea, apparently there is also a shrub with the name. It also goes by the name Rose of Sharon. Check out the pretty flowers on it. I think that it is very appropriate that I have the same name.

So I was very excited that Zim was thinking of my but I was also a little disappointed that I wasn't in his backyard. I was looking forward to a little play bowing, chasing each other around and sampling some shrubbery together. Plus the Ao4 have a really nice backyard, my parents and I are jealous cause we have a stoopid backyard. Of course I would not want to share him with my twins. Well hopefully one day I'll get a chance to meet Zim in person.


Friday, October 13, 2006

The Nature of the Beast

So everyone has been lecturing M&M about misbehaving. We hope you guys understand we only doing because we love you and don't want you to get hurt. As I advised them in My Comment, it is in the nature of us Sibes to misbehave. I told M&M it is a matter of knowing when to behave and we to be a troublemaker. And most importantly, when to stop being a troublemaker. As you may remember I got myself in a little trouble recently. My parents weren't too happy with the little accident I had on their bed and the counter surfing I did for some chicken. So I gave them a little time to calm down. Yeah I had to spend a few days in the crate while they were out at work.

IMG_1757Well eventually they forgot all about and now I'm back out of the crate. So what did I do while they were at work, here's a pic of my handy work. Don't let the fact that the floppy eared doofus is in the picture fool you. This was all my doing. I briefly mentioned me Wednesday's post that I like to destroy stuffed toys. Actually it doesn't just have to be toys. For a while I was fasinated with chewing the arm of the stuffed chair in the living room, Bitter Apple, yummy. And as you can see here I'm not against destroying my own stuff. Dad recently moved my bed out of my crate since I don't use it too much. So I thought I would take the opportunity to destuff it a bit. Not too bad. Dad got home before I could get it all out. I have him trained so well he barely even yelled at me and went ahead and stuffed it all back in so that I can do it again some other time. Boy I love him.

So here are some of my achievements in destroying stuffed toys. Be sure to click on the pics so you can see a larger image and get a better of idea of my abilities. IMG_1778IMG_1777IMG_1772

Well that's it for now. I think it is time for Dad to take us to the park.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So much going on, I thought I would comment on a few things from some other dog's blogs. As I commented on "D'Azul Siberians Blog", I will not be silenced.

Firstly, it seems that some sibes are having a difficult time staying in their own backyards. I think that these sibes (M&M I'm talking to you) really need to stop breaking out of their backyard. Give your mom a break, she is only concerned for your own good. She doesn't want you getting hit by a car or something bad like that. Be happy with the fact that you have a nice fenced in backyard to play in. Lares and I don't have that luxury. We have to wait until we can go to the dog park. We keep telling Mom & Dad that they should move to a new house with a good backyard. Stoopid humans didn't think about these things before they adopted us and bought a dumb house with a useless backyard.

I got a mention by my friends in the "Ao4's Blog" today. Thanks guys. I love your blog and appreciate the mention. On a personal note: Zim, thanks for saying I'm cute. I think your pretty handsome yourself. I especially like the "Sad Eyes Look".

My doofus brother is all excited because Amber of the Ao4 said that he is handsome. Now he thinks that he is hot stuff. Right now he is laying on the bed with a big goofy grin on his face because he thinks he actually has a girlfriend. I told the dumby that Amber was just being nice. I mean who would want that floppy eared doofus as a boyfriend.

My parents really like the suggestions that were posted by Amber and Holly as to what Lares' breed might be. I still think that he is all Doofus but we got a couple good ideas:

  • Malberian - part Malamute, part Siberian Husky
  • Sibermute - part Siberian Husky, part Malamute
  • Malabsky - part Malamute, part Labrador, part Siberian Husky

Speaking of Holly, she is our new friend who is pretty new to this blogging stuff (not that I've been doing it long). So check out her blog. She likes to destroy toys just like I do. One day I'll get Dad to take some pictures of what is left of my stuffed toys. I can get the squeaker out in a matter of minutes and gut the thing completely in under a half an hour.

Well that's about it for now. Dad says that it is time to shut off the computer and go watch Lost. I don't really get it but usually I get to share some snacks while they watch.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What a Great Name

So my Dad got an e-mail today with a Pup Pal Request from Dogster. It was from a Siberian Husky and guess what here name is? If you guess Althea you would be correct. Can you believe it two Siberian Huskies with the name Althea. I mean we're not talking a commom sibe name here. Here is "OnQ's Althea's Dogstar Page". She's almost as cute as me.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dog Park and Malamutes

Well our pirate ship didn't quite make it to Zim's side of the dog park. Dad said something about it being a "Ship of Fools".

IMG_1469We did however get to go to our dog park twice on Saturday, once in the morning and again in the evening. Mommy even came with us the second time. It was lots of fun, especially since it is getting cooler out. My parents say that it is hard to believe that I could have any more energy than I usually do but the cool weather really gets me going. I can't wait till winter and snow. In anticipation, here's a pic of me last winter playing in the snow at the dog park. I love the snow. This snow was taller than my legs so I had to hop around to get anywhere.

So Dad took us to the dog park again this morning. We were there for awhile when two 6 month old Malamutes showed up, Loki and Feya. They are brother and sister from the same litter but Loki has long fur and Feya has short. Dad thought they were very cute, I'll have to remind him later who the cutest dog is (that's me in case you have amnesia or something).

Lares took quite and interest in them and their parents asked if Lares is a Malamute. Dad said that no one really knows since the doofus was adopted (alright Dad didn't call him a doofus, I did). The puppies parents seemed to think that Lares is all or mostly Malamute. I thought he was all doofus but what do I know. Dad asked about the fact that his ears are down and they said he could be a Malamute whos ears never went up. I know there was something wrong with him. Here is a pic a Lares with his ear up. You be the judge: Malamute, Sibe, Mix or Doofus (you know what I'm voting for).

Well gotta go, Mom and Dad are off to go get some pumkins. I hope they carve them with Huskies like the one on "Indy's Blog".


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Names and Pirates

M&M commented on the fact that my parents are probably Deadheads due to Delilah and my names. Of course I think M&M are too young to know what a Deadhead is but yes my parents would consider themselves Deadheads (but they shower regularly). They love all kinds of music, most of which was made before they were born and have a tendency to name their kids after songs (you should see the names they have for their unborn human children). Dad's first cat, which he adopted in college was named Sadie after the Beatles song "Sexy Sadie". She lives in Boston with Dad's friends.

Sometimes Spencer and Lares feel left out because they weren't named after songs. For some reason Mom & Dad never changed Lares' name and Spencer was a surprise. They only planned on adopting one cat and Dad had picked out the name Maxwell before they even met him. As the story goes they ended up adopting Max and his brother. During the car ride home, they realized that they didn't have a name for the other cat. Mom came up with Spencer and Dad loved it (much better Caramel) then Max pooped in the cat carrier and it smelled really bad (Mom & Dad still like to tell that story).

And now onto Pirates. Dad was reading the Ao4's blog today and felt bad for Zim that no one wanted to play Pirates with him. He came home from work and discussed it with Lares and I. We immediately said "Harrrr, we want to be Pirates". So here are some pics of "The Terror of the High Seas, The Scourge of Stuffed Toys, The Dread Dog Pirate Althea Red Eye" and her faithful cabin boy "Larry the Dog" aka PIT (that's pirate in training) Doogie.
IMG_1743 IMG_1745


So, Zim we raising the Jolly Roger and are setting sail. Hopefully we can make it to your side of the dog park before we have a mutiny on our hands or we get scurvy.

The Dread Dog Pirate Althea Red Eye

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their support during my time of troubles. I think I've gotten the trouble making out of my system for awhile. So thanks to everyone who provided words of encouragement.

As I said yesterday, I thought I would let everyone know about the other members of my pack. You have already met Lares and heard his "Story". Of course there is also my Mom and Dad but let's be honest no one is really interested in them. Lastly are my feline siblings. It took some time for them to accept me into the pack as I am a bit more rambunctious compared to Lares but they eventually learned to accept me. Occasionally they or my parents have to remind me to back off but for the most part I'm good.

IMG_1481So to start there is Spencer. Here is a picture of him. He wanted me to post this picture because he thinks he looks tough. Spencer has lived with Mom and Dad the longest. They adopted him almost six years ago when he was about 7 months old. He's pretty cool as far as cats go. He doesn't bother me and doesn't mind to much when try to taste him. Spencer has a heart problem so he takes medicine twice a day and goes to the vet a lot. Now he has some big lump on his tongue so he has to have special food because of allergies. I hope he isn't allergic to me.

IMG_0728They also adopted Spencer's brother Maxwell. They were originally call Caramel and Pepper. Here is a picture of Maxwell. Unfortunately Max crossed over the Rainbow Bridge before I came to live here. I never got to meet him but everyone says he was the best and that they miss him lots. He was named after my Daddy's favoritest Beatles song Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

IMG_0735And finally we come to my arch nemesis, Delilah. She has been with Mom and Dad for about three years and is the only one of us that was adopted as a baby. She was only 10 weeks old. So she will forever have the nickname of Baby or Baby D (even though technically I'm younger). Delilah, as in Samson & Delilah, was named after the Grateful Dead song of that name. I say that she is my arch nemesis because we had a pretty rocky beginning. Lots of hissing, chasing, swatting, barking, etc. I suffered more than a few cuts on my pretty face because of her. But I finally learned what she would tolerate and try not to cross that line too often.

So that is the rest of my furry family. Maybe if everyone is really bored one day and we have nothing else to blog about, I'll tell you a bit about my parents.

Later, Althea

P.S. I don't think I mentioned it when I told the story of my life, but I was named Althea after a Grateful Dead song. Lares was named by the rescue group that saved him. His name is from Roman mythology: "Lares".

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm Back

Well it has been a couple days since my last post. Dad told me I needed some time to think about what I had done wrong before I could get back to blogging. I thought my punishment was going to be over last night but my Mom left the raw chicken unattended on the kitchen counter within in easy counter surfing distance. I couldn't resist, before I knew it I was gobbling up piece after piece of delicious raw chicken. Needless to say my parents were not very happy with me. They said that I seem to really be pushing my luck lately. Dad said "Good thing we have another package of chicken or you would really be in trouble". Like he needs anything else to eat. I'd like to see him left tied up outside without any food like I was before I was back when I was "Living on the Streets", might do him some good. So needless to say there was no blogging last night. I'm not sure which made my Mom more mad, me eating the chicken or her having to pick up my poop tonight after eating a pound of raw chicken (phew, stinky).

Not much else to report here, Mom and Dad were out of the house for most of Friday and Saturday, which meant I was stuck in the crate after my "Little Accident" on Thursday. But they made it up to me on Sunday when we got to go to a street fair in the center of our town. It was fun. There were lots of people there and quite a few dogs. I got to see my good friend Nicky, who I haven't seen in some time. Here is a picture of Nicky. Everyone one who saw me said, "What a pretty dog" and other faltering comments. Now I know I'm beautiful but it is still nice to hear it once in awhile.

Well that's it for tonight. Dad is making me stop. So thing about "stoopid mcafeescanpieceofpoop" being turned off while I was blogging so now I need to stop so that he can check the computer for viruses. I think Mommy might have given the computer a virus, she said she's not feel well.

Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you a bit about my feline siblings. They been bugging me ever since M&M's feline siblings got a hold of their blog. I told them that they cannot post on my blog but that I would try to say a few nice things about them. So we'll see how generous I'm feeling.