Thursday, March 29, 2007

Puppy Pictures and Twins

Hey it's me, your favorite Red & White Sibe, well aside from Zim, Amber, Indy, Meeshka, Turbo, Raisa and Sooky. Wow there are alot of Red & White Sibe bloggers out there. It's been awhile since my last post. Dad has been rather busy lately. You may remember from one of my previous posts that Dad got a new job. Well it turns out that he decided to stay at the place he has been working at. They offered him a new type of job that is much more his style and the best part is, he will not have to travel at all once he starts this new position in a couple months. On top of that, they are going to give him more of that green papery stuff that humans are always so concerned about. Maybe now Mom & Dad will buy me a new bed, one without any holes in it. That way I can chew new holes in it.

Well on to more important stuff. Recently a lot of you husky bloggers have been posting pictures of yourselves as puppies. Unfortunately, like most of the Ao4, I'm adopted so my parents don't have any puppy pics of me. Too bad cause I was really cute. Well Dad and I were catching up on reading every ones blogs and came across this post from Raisa. We started scrolling down to see the English version (our Portuguese is not very good) and saw this cool picture of our friend.


Dad said to me, "Hey PoPo (that's one of my many nicknames, I'll explain some other time) it looks just like you. You two could be twins". I checked it out and had to agree. Dad keep reading the post and discovered that not only do me and Raisa look alike, we have both made the mistake of peeing on our parents beds.

So I thought we would play a little game called "Who's Who". The goal of the game is look at two pictures and decide which is me and which is Raisa. First an easy one:


You should be able to get this one:


This one is a little bit trickier:


Getting tougher now:


You've got no chance on this one:


Hope you enjoyed our little game. In picking out pictures for this game we were checking out Raisa's pictures on Flickr and came across some great pictures of her as a puppy. Mom thinks that since we look so much alike that they should print them out and pretend that they are really pictures of me as a puppy and show all their friends.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Althea 2, Dyson Creature 0

So of you may remember the story I told in one of my first few posts on my blog. It was about my battle with the dreaded dyson creature. You can refresh your memory by clicking here. This happened shortly after I came to live with my parents in my furever home. Dad was not too happy about me tangling with the dyson creature, he so thing about getting electrocuted or something like that. Well Dad must be some kind of vet cause he fixed the dyson creature right up as you can see from the photo of it's bandaged tail.

After my first battle with the dyson creature I decided to try to live in harmony with it. We've managed to get along fairly well until recently. I've grown tired of the dyson creature sucking up all my strategically placed fur and disturbing my naps with its noises. I was recently rereading some of the Army of Four's posts and came across an interesting one. It was one of their cool "Sunday Salute" editions. The one that caught my interest was about their friend Brynne. Brynne had sent the Ao4 and e-mail and pictures about how she killed the dyson creature at her house. Apparently you have to go for the heart. This sounded like a great way to finally put an end to the dyson creature.

Now I normally don't have a chance to attack the dyson creature as Dad keeps a close eye on my nowadays after the previous "incident". The dyson creature spends most of its time in its den (or closet as you maybe more familiar with). Yesterday however I noticed Dad walking around with the dyson creature's heart (apparently it is removable for cleaning). After cleaning it he left it in the spot on the counter where the dishes are left to dry as you can see in this picture.


Now I've been know to partake of some counter surfing occasionally but this was well beyond my reach. So I decided I had to enlist some help. I thought about asking the floppy eared doofus, but realized he is too much of a goody two shoes and his counter surfing ability is even less than mine. My next thought was my feline siblings. They are pretty agile and I've seen them up on the counter numerous times. Now I will not divulge which of my siblings assisted in this mission, just in case Dad reads this. I may enjoy destroying stuff once in a while but you will never hear it said that I'm a tattle tail. So lets just say my accomplice assisted me by moving the dyson creature's heart from the drying rack to the floor, where I immediately set to work. The following are pictures of my handy work.



Needless to say Dad has already brought the dyson creature back to life. I guess he gave it a heart transplant or something cause it was roaring around the house, sucking up my fur yesterday.