Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snow & Eating Your Vegetables

Firstly, I know that once again I have been lax in updating my blog, I really have no excuse other than that it is tough work beating up my whiny brother all the time. I really know how my buddy, Turbo feels having to deal with his brother Lex. It is such a demanding job that it leaves little time for posting.

So let me say how jealous I am of my fellow Husky Bloggers out there that got snow recently. I especially like to welcome Macie & Malechai to the wonderful world of snow. Sounds like they got a great introduction with 13 or so inches of the great white stuff. Now I would appreciate it if those of you that did get snow would stop taunting the rest of us with this fact. It's just not fair. At least we have finally been getting to that special temperature that allows the snow to fall. After 60 - 70 degree weather, it has finally gotten cold in my corner of the dog park. In celebration (and anticipation) here are some pictures of Lares (aka floppy eared doofus) and I playing in the snow last year.

So my buddy Indy posted a picture of the great food that he gets to eat. Doofus and I were way jealous (boy with all this jealousy it is a wonder I haven't turned green with envy) about this great food he gets to eat. We eat the same stuff day in and day out. Except we do occassionaly get a cool treat. Tonight, Mom & Dad were preparing something called a pot roast for their dinner tomorrow, which we will not get any of (if recent history continues to hold true). We did however get some carrots. I love carrots. Doofus didn't like carrots before until he saw me eating one. Now pansy boy has to eat them to. Dad got some fun videos of us crunching our carrots. So here they are. Our feline sister, Delilah, can be heard in meowing in Lares' video and she even makes a cameo in mine. Fortunately Dad missed the part where she takes a swipe at my tail.

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Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos

Well that's all for today. Be back at you soon (I promise).