Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Substitute Blogger

It's me Lares, Althea's smarter, cuter, better behaved older brother here. Althea mentioned in her blog yesterday that she was going to "allow" me to post on her blog. What she doesn't realize is that if I want to post on her blog, I will go ahead and do it, I don't need her permission. Besides if I wanted my own blog all I have to do is ask my Dad. He loves me best, so he'll do anything I ask, except get rid of that brat Althea. I try to remind him how great it was when it was just the two of us but he will not get rid of her. Oh well (sigh).

Regardless, the pain in the neck is not feeling very well today. Mom said that she had "sick poops". So I thought I would fill in for her today. Dad is home with us and he is keeping an eye on her cause she has been acting a little funny since last night. I think it is all just an act since Mom & Dad were not paying enough attention to her but we'll see.

So as Althea said, I wanted to share some fun pictures of me from last Turkey Day. Dad stumbled upon them when Mom suggested that he look at last years pics to see exactly how he cooked the Turkey (he does on the charcoal grill outside). So Dad checked the pictures to see if he used a rack for the turkey and found some cool pics of me and a special guest we had. As Althea has probably told you, our Mom is a teacher of little humans. Last year her class was reading a book about a stuffed bear named Corduroy. Along with the book the class has a Corduroy teddy bear, which each little human gets to take home for a weekend and then write about their adventures with him. Well Mom got to bring Corduroy home of the Turkey Day weekend. Since little humans love us dogs, Mom took some pictures of me and Corduroy hanging out together. So here are my cool pics for you to enjoy. Aren't I cute. Notice that there aren't any pictures of the hyena, Althea. If you remember from one of her previous posts, this is what happens to stuffed toys in our house.

In other news, the awesome rescue group that saved me and brought me to my furever home, Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, has published their annual calender. And guess what, I'm in it. Yep that's right there is a small picture of me on the page for January 2008. I know what your thinking, "more than a whole year is a long time to wait to be able to look at such a handsome dog as myself" but be assured there are tons of other great husky pictures to tide you over until January 2008 (or you could just skip ahead, no one will blame you). It is just a small picture of me since Dad was remiss in sending them any new pics of me. But at least it is something. After my big debut in the 2005 calender where I had a hole page picture with my foster brother, Guinness. I wasn't even in the 2006 calender. So a small pic is better than no pic.

So 2006 is nearly over and you will need a new calender for 2007, so why not make it a calender with a bunch of great rescued Siberian Huskies. Not only will you get a great calender but you will be helping homeless huskies have a chance at finding their furever homes. Just click here and order one or ten, they make great gifts.

Well that's it for now. Hopefully Althea will be feeling better later and will be able to post some of her words of wisdom (snicker, words of wisdom my furry butt).

Larry the Dog

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Not So Thankful

Well, they did it to me again. Mom & Dad have been too busy to help me with my blog. Unfortunately I need their help with the typing as I don't really know how. I've heard mention of a husky friendly keyboard but I haven't been able to find one on the Internet, not even on eBay where you can buy all kinds of Crap.

So as I mentioned Mom & Dad have been too busy to help me. Mom was busy with report cards and parent conferences for the little humans that she teaches. On a good note I did find out that my "team" of little humans won the competition that my Mom does at school to keep the little humans from being bad (hope she doesn't get any crazy ideas to try to make me be good). Here is a picture of the Team Althea and Team Lares scorecards. There are also ones for my feline siblings, Spencer and Delilah. Notice how just like my buddy Turbo says, humans love pictures of us sleeping. Of course that is because it is hard to catch me when I'm awake.

Dad was busy with work and had to make a quick and unwanted trip to France for work. Too bad he didn't know about Stormy's French Lessons at SZK SSS, they would have come in handy for his trip. Fortunately for Mom and me it was a quick trip cause Lares tends to get rather depressed when Dad is away. I mean he mopes around enough when Dad is home, you should see him when Dad leaves to go to the store or for a run. Here is a picture of him looking sad and pathetic one morning when Dad left to go to work.

Well Dad made it home the day before Turkey Day and Mom finished up all her conferences, so I figure that they would be prepared to spend some quality time with me. But no, they had to get everything ready for Turkey Day. Dad got home from his trip and out came the dreaded dyson creature and his other implements of cleaning and went to work. Mom got home and started cooking up some good smelling stuff. So I figured "Okay, maybe they don't have time to spend with me but at least I'll get some good food". Wrong. This picture shows how Lares and I spent most of Turkey Day (you might recognize this pic from my after Howloween post, when we received similar treatment). Dad said that he didn't want us around the table, begging while everyone was trying to eat. If he didn't want me around the table, begging all he had to do was give me a turkey leg and I would have left everyone alone but no such luck.

So needless to say, I am not very thankful about how I was treated on Turkey Day. In addition I didn't get any turkey, or stuffing or mashed potatoes. I did get a little taste of the pumpkin desert stuff but not nearly enough to make me thankful. They only good thing that has come out of Turkey Day is that Mom & Dad did not have to go to work for a couple days. Dad is still home with us until Thursday. So we have been able to go to the dog park and stuff.

Well that's it for for now. Be sure to check back as I promise to post more often in the coming days. I've already got some ideas for future posts. I did promise Lares that he could make a post or two. He has some pics from last years Turkey Day that he wants to post and some information on where to get a really cool husky calender (he thinks it is cool because he is in it), so check back today as he might get around to it later.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hey everyhusky and everydog, Althea here. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. It's pretty warm here in the Garden State, about 70 F. A bit warm for my liking but I don't let it get me down.

Mom and I had another great day together on Friday. We were so busy that we didn't have a chance to blog about it. Mom did some work and stuff and I pretty much followed her around the house. This makes her feel good and think that I really love her (which I do of course). She even took me running again, what fun. Dad got home from work early so we all went to the dog park.

Saturday was a good day too. Two trips to the "DP", that's what Mom & Dad call it when they don't want us to know that they are talking about it. Of course we know what they are talking about but we pretend not to understand. It's good to keep the humans thinking that they are the smarter species. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Looks like we'll only have one trip to the "DP" today. Dad took us in the morning. It was boring, no one wanted to run with me. So I decided to play with a tennis ball a little. I only do this when I'm really bored at the park. Everyone comments that I play like a cat. I like to pounce on the ball so that it shots away from me so that I can chase. Once I catch it I repeat the process till I get bored, which is typically pretty quick as I don't have much of an attention span.

So Lares and I have been punishing Mom & Dad for leaving us home alone on Friday and Saturday night. Typically when they are out late, they've been drinking adult beverages, which usually make them want to sleep late the next morning. So Lares & I have decided that 7 am on Saturday and Sunday is an excellent time for Fight Club. Between Lares' Chewbacca impression and the sound of our nails raking across the bamboo mat that they have on the floor, it is a very effect means of getting them out of bed. Needless to say they are both a bit cranky today.

Speaking of cranky, the doofus is really being a big pansy lately. He slides down the stair once and now he will not go down the stairs without Mom or Dad's help. He'll stay up stairs and whine until some one helps him down. What a doofus. Mom is talking about putting carpet on the stairs so that sissy boy will stop falling down them. I'm ok with this as the stairs can be a bit dangerous for us huskies. This way with carpet on them, I'll be able to run down them real fast and not worry about falling.

A couple quick items before I go:

  • Zim - thank you for taking care of the dyson creature for me. I think you finally put it in its place. When Dad brought him out today it keep its distance from me.
  • Amber - cats really aren't all that bad. It is a bit ridiculous that there is a Little Kitten Avenue near your house and no Doggie Drive or Sibe Street as well.
  • Opy - it is a bit crazy that all of our homes have been invaded by the dreaded dyson creature. The guy who invented it must be super rich. I wish my Dad could invent something cool and make lots of money.
  • Poseidon - I can only speak for Lares and myself, but we head straight out of the room as soon as the dyson creature comes out to play. I don't know if I'm brave enough to have it "vacuum" me.
  • Zack - My Mom & Dad are great. I'm sure your awesome foster mom will find you a home just as good as Lares and I have. I'll keep checking the Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue's Foster Dog Blog to see how your search goes.

So I've been noticing that a lot of you dogs out there have been taking your blogs a step further and instead of just posting pictures your posting videos. I think this is way cool. So I figured I would jump on the bandwagon. Here is a video of Lares & I having a little Fight Club meeting. Enjoy.


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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

So as you know from my previous post, me and my brother got to stay home with mom today. This is a pretty rare occurrence, and to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had my suspicions at first that this was just going to be an ordinary day of sleeping, eating stuff that I know I am not supposed to (Dad thinks I don't know any better; boy is he dumb), and torturing the doofus and maybe the cats if I was feeling up to it. After a morning of watching mom do work, things took a turn for the worse. The cleaning began, and out came... the dyson creature!! I knew immediately that something was wrong! Surely dad was the only one crazy enough to go near it! But no, mom was attempting to use it. I tried to talk her out of it, but I was afraid of the bad words she was yelling (at the creature, not me). It was at that moment that I knew things were going to be okay! As it turns out, mom hates the dyson creature just as much as I do! She explained to me that sometimes we have to do things (or go near creatures) we don't like in order to make someone else happy. Really I am only out to please myself, so mom had to explain this to me a few times. Maybe I will work on this, but probably not.

So after mom and I had our girl talk about the yellow monster and trying to make dad happy, we had to have another talk. This one turned out to to have a much happier ending- that is, one that benefited me! Mom explained that seeing as she liked eating a lot (like me), but didn't like the new butt she'd gotten because of it, we were going to go running!! You can all imagine my excitement! Dad wouldn't take me, but mom was going to! You can imagine the whooping and hollering I did when I found out. I didn't even make mom play "lasso the husky!" The best part was that the doofus had to stay home. I bet he missed me!

So we were off! And just like Forest Gump, we were running, and running... until this lady was blocking our path on the sidewalk. Much to my dismay, we had to stop. It turns out that she was driving her car and saw me, and just had to stop for a husky greeting. I didn't feel much like greeting her, I just wanted to run. But mom made me stop and be nice. When I realized that she was raving about my beauty, you can bet I stuck around to hear it all. I felt bad though because she had a husky for twenty years, but he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I was sad, so I gave her a Husky kiss. And then I was off again!

As if my day couldn't have gotten any better, mom took me and the doofus to the park later in the afternoon! I can't wait until tomorrow! Haroooo!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hello Again

Hey everyhusky and everydog, it's me your old pal Althea (that's Dread Dog Pirate Althea Red Eye to you pirating dogs). Well it has been some time since my last post, I'll get to the reasons for that later. But first I would like to thank M&M for leaving a comment on my blog today to check to make sure I was ok. Thanks guys, I glad to report that everything is A OK.

So as to my not posting in over a week, I blame it on my Dad. You see he and Mom have been rather busy lately. I can't blame it on Mom cause at least she is busy for a good reason, teaching the little humans. I'm not sure what Dad's excuse is, I thinkg he is just lazy. I'm luck I was even able to post my Evilest Picture on Howloween. Speaking of Howloween, what a let down. Just like Dakota mentioned in her blog, the floppy eared doofus and I were tricked with a treat into a confined area. Here is a picture of us on Howloween night. We didn't even get to lick the chocolate off of any little human's faces.

Well Howloween was my last post, since then Mom & Dad have been too busy with one thing or another to help me with my blog. This past Saturday Mom was gone all day shopping and didn't bring me back a thing for me, how rude. I mean I'm a girl too, I like clothes and stuff to make me pretty. On Sunday Mom & Dad went to "The City" to see a friend of theirs run in something called a Marathon. I've never heard of this but I don't see what the big deal is, us Sibes could do that without breaking a sweat. We were born to run long distances.

So after seeing this marathon thing, Dad has decided that he needs to start running. He finally quit the stoopid burning sticks and thinks that he now needs to "get in shape" (good luck fatso). So he has not had time to help me with my blog. Now Dad knows all about my love of running so you would think he would take me with him but no, he says that I would be too much of a pain in the butt during his run, stopping to smell everything and stuff. I think he is just afraid that I would out do him. So instead I've been left behind with nothing to do but beat up on The Doofus. He is a picture of me putting the smack down on the Goofy Goober.

I am very excited about the next two days since my Mommy will be home from work. Dad was going to be home too but he has stoopid stuff to do at work and so he can't stay home with us. Hopefully Mom will not be too busy with her school stuff to pay attention to me. Mom even asked Dad if he could leave the Siberian Utility Vehicle (SUV) so that she can take us to the dog park (yeah). Mom and Dad try to keep the husky furry confined to only one vehicle. Here is a picture of the "SUV" from the big snow storm we had last February. I sure hope we have snow like that this winter. If you look real close at the "SUV" you can see the cool sibe sticker.

Well I think that is it for today. Maybe Mom will help me blog tomorrow.