Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick post today to wish all the Mom's out there (canine and human), a Happy Mother's Day. And a special thank you to my Mom, the greatest Mom in the world. I greeted her this morning with a special "woooooo". Then I jumped up on the bed and gave her a ton of husky kisses. At one point she asked me to stop so that she could get some air. As soon as she was done breathing, I was back to kissing her. Boy do I love her.

To all you dogs out there, please be sure to extra specially nice to your moms today. They deserve it for putting up with all our antics.

In closing, here is a picture of me giving my Mommy a smooch, followed by a picture of us hugging.




Friday, May 11, 2007

My Triumphant Return

Hey pups, remember me? It's your old pal Althea. Yes I'm back and better than ever. I decided I needed and little break from blogging, well the real story is that Mom & Dad have been too busy to help me. Not that they have been busy with anything important or fun (at least not fun by my standards).

First order of business, in my last blog a left you all with a little game to play, Who's Who. Well "the cutest boy husky in the world", Zim of the Ao4 had no problem determining which pictures was me and which pictures was Raisa. I hope you guys enjoyed my little game. Dad and I sure had fun picking out the pictures.

So to give you a quick update on the happenings around my corner of the dog park, here is a quick summary of what I've been up to.

  • My Mom had a week off from school, so the Doofus and I got to hang out with her all week long except for when she was painting the doors upstairs. For some reason she didn't trust me to help her and I was stuck downstairs. The Doofus got to hang out with her though. Totally unfair.
  • We had a bunch of people, including one little human and one little bitty human, at our house for Easter. I helped the little human find all the colorful Easter Eggs but he didn't share any of the treats with me. It was lots of fun. My Cuz Riley came to hang out too. We had lots of fun, except for the fact that he kept stealing my My Bad Cuz. He didn't even play with it the right way. He just walked around with it in his mouth. Labs, they'll never be as smart as Huskies.
  • The Doofus and I got to go to Camp Bow Wow for a weekend while Mom & Dad went down to Virginny for the a wedding. It was raining on Sunday when they picked us up and when we got home, Mom & Dad started say bad words. Seems with all the rain, the basement had turned into a big swimming pool, complete with 2 feets of water. Doofus and I don't go in the basement so it wasn't a big deal for us but the poor Spencer and Delilah were sitting around with their legs crossed cause their litter box is in the basement and with all the water it was floating around down there and they couldn't get to it. Dad spent the next two days home getting all the water out and getting the thing that keeps the house warm and the thing that makes the water hot fixed up. Thank Dog they got the latter fixed cause Dad was starting to smell a bit funky.
  • Dad has been slacking off on taking us to the dog park. Instead of our usually four trips per weekend we have been lucky to get two. Dad says that this is cause the weather is nicer and there is more daylight so he can now take us during the week after work. However there haven't been many trips to the DP after work either. I'm starting to get really annoyed about this. I think Dad and I need to have a little chat about taking care of my needs instead of sitting around reading children's books, what a dork.
  • Speaking of dorks or Doofuses as the case may be. My floppy eared doofus brother Lares got in big trouble last week at the dog park. There was a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Wallace that was paying bit too much attention to Lares for his liking. Lares tried to warn him with a little growling but Wallace was persistent. Lares finally decided that enough was enough and showed him who the boss is. Fortunately there wasn't any blood but I think Wallace learned his lesson. Boy, Dad was mad, he grabbed Lares by the collar and dragged him right out to the car. People at the park were joking that normally I'm the one that gets put in the penalty box, I didn't think this was as funny as they did.

Well I think that about brings everyone up to speed on what's been going on since my last blog. I do have some good news, it looks like the Doofus and I are getting to go to Virginny next week with Mom & Dad. They are going down to visit Dad's sister and his parents will be there too. They were thinking about sending us to camp for the weekend but my Aunt said we could come for a visit. I'm hoping that I will run into Poseidon cause he lives in that section of the dog park. Hey Poseidon if your out there, let me know where your dog park is.