Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dog Park and Malamutes

Well our pirate ship didn't quite make it to Zim's side of the dog park. Dad said something about it being a "Ship of Fools".

IMG_1469We did however get to go to our dog park twice on Saturday, once in the morning and again in the evening. Mommy even came with us the second time. It was lots of fun, especially since it is getting cooler out. My parents say that it is hard to believe that I could have any more energy than I usually do but the cool weather really gets me going. I can't wait till winter and snow. In anticipation, here's a pic of me last winter playing in the snow at the dog park. I love the snow. This snow was taller than my legs so I had to hop around to get anywhere.

So Dad took us to the dog park again this morning. We were there for awhile when two 6 month old Malamutes showed up, Loki and Feya. They are brother and sister from the same litter but Loki has long fur and Feya has short. Dad thought they were very cute, I'll have to remind him later who the cutest dog is (that's me in case you have amnesia or something).

Lares took quite and interest in them and their parents asked if Lares is a Malamute. Dad said that no one really knows since the doofus was adopted (alright Dad didn't call him a doofus, I did). The puppies parents seemed to think that Lares is all or mostly Malamute. I thought he was all doofus but what do I know. Dad asked about the fact that his ears are down and they said he could be a Malamute whos ears never went up. I know there was something wrong with him. Here is a pic a Lares with his ear up. You be the judge: Malamute, Sibe, Mix or Doofus (you know what I'm voting for).

Well gotta go, Mom and Dad are off to go get some pumkins. I hope they carve them with Huskies like the one on "Indy's Blog".



Macie-Malechai said...

We think he looks like us with his ears up. Man, we can't wait for snow, we've never seen any yet but it looks like BIG FUN!
FaceLicks, M&M

The Army of Four said...

It's almost SNOWTIME! Rrrrooooo!
Love, Amber
PS: Maybe Lares is a Malberian? Or a Sibermute? I had an uncle on the farm I came from who was one of those. He was VERY nice. I think Lares is handsome! :)

Holly said...

Hi Althea, Holly here. I love your snow picture. We are suppose to get some flurries on Thursday here in Nebraska (or so they say, but how often are those weather people REALLY correct?) I think Lares looks like a Malabsky. You know, Malamute/Lab/Husky sorta dog. I can definitely see the Malsky and he has the lab ears. So.......hey, who knows?