Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trip to the Dog Park

You've probably read mentions of "going to the dog park" on my blog. So I thought I would let you see what a trip to the dog park is like. Unfortunately Lares and I don't have a nice fenced in backyard like some of you lucky dogs. I'd be willing to give up stuffed toys for life if I could have the Ao4's Backyard. So we live for our trips to the Dog Park. Lares and I typically tell Dad when we are ready to go. This usually includes lots of howling and woooing. Sometimes I even have to wake Dad up from his nap so that we can go. Once he realizes that it is time to go, he gets our water and bowl (dog parking can be thirsty work) and puts his shoes on. During this time, Lares and I continually tell him to hurry up. Finally he is ready and hooks up our leashes and we head out to the car. Dad keeps the back seat folded down so we have lots of room in the back. Once in the car we head out.

Here's me looking at Mom taking my pic.

And a pic of me making sure Dad knows where he is going.

Here's me smiling because I'm so happy to be going to the Dog Park.

And here's the floppy eared doofus, he may look excited now but when he gets to the park, he'll just mope around as usual. IMG_1794

So once we're at the park, that's when the fun begins. Usually we go and do our business first, you know get that stuff out of the way. Sometimes it is fun to do it in the leaves so Dad has a hard time finding it, hehe. After we done with that, I'm off for some fun. It really depends on if any of my buddies are at the park. If not I typically run around like crazy by myself till someone shows up. Today I was lucky and my best friend, Sabrina showed up. Boy did we have a fun time wrestling. Dad tried to get some pics but we were moving around too much. Here's a couple of the better ones.

Eventually Mom gets cold and Lares starts whining about being hungry and we have to go home. So back in the car (with much less enthusiasm) and drive back home. Once home all I have to keep myself entertained is beating up the floppy eared doofus.

Hope you enjoyed this small look into my Trip to the Dog Park.



The Army of Four said...

Wow, Althea, does that look like FUN! I wish it was my neck you were grabbing instead of Sabrina's!
Ammy still thinks Lares is cute - and says he looks kinda sad there. She recommends licking him on the nose. That's what she does to all of us when we're blue. Would you do that? Thanks!
Play bows,
PS: The pic of you smiling is a killer! You're such a babe!

D'Azul Siberian said...

Wow, Althea, the dog park sounds like lots of fun. We don't have a dog park anywhere by here. Sometimes we go long walkies at the State Park but mostly we play around our yard, its pretty big. Then there is the traveling and that is totally fun.

Jay said...

Hey, the 2 of you looked like you were having fun! I wanna get out and play too, but we have the haze over here :(


Turbo the Sibe said...

That stupid Lex at our house is a big whiner. A. Big. Stupid. Whiner.

Althea said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the pics.

Zim - I'm a pretty tough girl, do you think you can handle me?

Amber - Lares is a doofus. He always looks sad, it's his thing. I've given up on licking him. He doesn't like being licked or giving licks. He's so weird. I did tell him that you think he is cute and I think I saw a bit of a smile on his face. Maybe you'll have some success in making him smile, I've been trying for year with no luck.

D'azul Sibes - sounds like you've got your own dog park right there at home. Traveling must be fun too.

Jay - Having fun is my job. Hopefully the haze clears up soon and you can get out for some fun of your own. I asked my Dad where Singapore is and he says that it is real far away.

Turbo - I feel your pain. Living with a whiner is such a buzz kill.


The Army of Four said...

Dave throws me around all the time and I LOVE it! It'd be great to have you throw me around! I can TAKE it!
Play bows,

Macie-Malechai said...

See, we knew we were missing out not getting to go to the dog park, you guys are so lucky! The big yard is great & all but there's no other dogs to play with.
Face Licks, M&M