Sunday, September 17, 2006

Husky Hike

Well, thanks to the good wishes from Amber of the Army of Four and that the fact that it rained at their house, Saturday turned out to b a pretty nice day. It was a little cloudy and rainy when we got up but as we drove out to the hike it started clearing up. By the time we got there it was even sunny. So it turned out to be a good day.

Lares and I got up early on Saturday to make sure we weren't late for the hike. Mom and Dad didn't seem to pleased about this but we were just so excited that we couldn't sleep any more. Mom said we were like kids on Christmas morning. Mom and Dad finally got ready and we hit the road. Dad looked a little sleepy while driving so I talked to him during the whole one and half hour car drive to keep him awake. This seemed to annoy him a bit, especially when we got lost. You'd think that this being the third hike they've gone to that they would know how to get there.

So we finally made it there (a bit late I might add). So we were all the way at the end of the pack for the hike. Fortunatey there were a few other stragglers with us. So we hiked about 2 miles around the park. It was nice. Dad said that I was being pretty good on the leash, usually I'm very excited in situations like this and tend to pull alot. Here is a pic of me and my goofy earred brother. We got to wear special bandanas so people could identify us. Lares got blue because he is a former rescue. I got purple, which they say meant "Other" but I know it really meant "The Best".

After hiking we cooled down a bit in a small pool and Mom & Dad had some lunch. They didn't think to share any with us though. We checked out some of the people selling doggy stuff and got to meet lots of other huskies.

My brother Lares was rescued by the group holding the hike and they had their first ever Tails of the Tundra Alumni Revue. Any dog that was rescued by Tails of the Tundra got a moment in the "spot light" as their story was told to all of his/her fans. Dad walked Lares around while they told his story. They even mentioned me in this story at which point I gave a Woo from the sidelines where I was waiting with Mom.

Last but not least we got to go mushing. Yep that's right, they hooked us up to a sled on wheels along with some experienced mushing dogs and off we went. Here is a picture of me coming into the finish line. It's a bit blurry, because I was moving so fast.


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The Army of Four said...

YEA! I'm so happy you had fun at your big event, Althea! The rain left here and I was afraid it might go back to where you were, but I guess it didn't!
Both you and Lares look VERY, VERY cool walking and being sled puppies!!! I like the purple bandana on you - Davy wears a purple collar and he asked mom if he could wear her purple bandana sometimes and she LET him and he looks very nice in it. I like purple.
Love, Amber